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6 reasons to digitise your old photos.

There are six very good reasons why you should digitise your old photos.  

There are many reasons why you would want to digitise your photos, perhaps a life event prompts you, or you decide to take your spring cleaning up a notch, but there some very good reasons you may not think of straight away. We've highlight six of these here - how many apply to you?

1. You’ll always have stories to share  

Albums are not the most convenient things to carry around, and if you turn up to your
reunion drinks with an armful, you’ll get funny looks. Having all your old photos digitised
means they are always on hand and easy to share, anyplace, anytime. 

2. They’ll be much, much safer

That shoe box in the loft is not just a time capsule, it’s a ticking TIME BOMB. It’s so sad when
those memories get lost, or damaged. We won’t mention floods and fires, but on second
thoughts… yes we will. Floods! Fires! What’s the first thing you save? Scanning your photos
today means you could be saving the dog tomorrow.

3. Your family will love you forever

Even the ones who haven’t been born yet will thank you for your foresight, diligence and
awesomeness. If you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for others – be the photo hero
of your family. The benefits are endless, literally. The 'crown jewels', handed down saved

4. Digital photos don’t fade

You might think those photos have been fine where they are all this time, but – oh – have
they? Are you sure they didn’t fade even a little bit? Photos fade. There’s no two ways
about it. And your favourite ones – the ones you actually have framed on the mantelpiece –
they'll be the first to go. Plus, we've all seen Back To The Future. If it can happen to Marty
McFly, it can happen to you.

5. This is your legacy

This is a biggie. When you leave this mortal coil (sorry, but we all will eventually) do you
want to be remembered for all your most recent selfies, or do you want your kids and
grandkids to know who your family was before smartphones, and allow them to print their
own favourites and make their own albums from this shared history.

6. You’ll feel amazing

We know this because we hear it from our customers every day. Knowing that your box of
“clutter” is finally sorted and organised is a huge relief. Knowing you have a special,
personal and meaningful gift up your digital sleeve in case of special celebrations and
occasions is a weight off your mind. Trust us, happiness is a box of old photos, digitised.